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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the warranty for windows & doors?
DenCo European Windows and Doors puts a 30-year warranty on its products (click here to view). The Europeans are about 10 years ahead of the USA in the fenestration industry.

How does the cost compare to the big-name brands in America?
Believe it or not we usually cost less than the big-name brand and you get 3 times the quality!

Will DenCo Windows really last more than 30 years?
Yes, we stand behind our warranty. The Europeans pass their homes down to family from generation to generation. This is customary for many European families. The question you need to ask is, how many times do you want to replace your window? 15 to 20 years or less is common for Americans.

Are these windows plastic, aluminum? What is the material used to build these windows?
We offer both UPVC and Aluminum we also offer wood/clad by the container full only.

Other companies say that Vinyl warps, cracks and fades is this true?
USA brands tend to warp, crack and fade as the standards in the USA are much lower than that of Europe. Typically, the cheapest windows produced in Europe are of higher quality than the most expensive name brand in the USA. The European UPVC profile uses much more material than the USA manufacturers. Our Authentic European windows are much more durable than USA manufactured. For example, a window that is the size of a 4/0-4/0 American made will weigh roughly 45 pounds whereas a DenCo window will weigh 105 pounds.

Why are DenCo windows so heavy?
The amount of UPVC In a DenCo window is typically 5 plus times the amount that American manufacturers use in their products. DenCo UPVC windows are also steel reinforced in both the master frame and the sashes. You also have the hardware components that wrap around the entire sash to connect with the master frame.

I heard that European Tilt Turn windows are more secure than USA brands can you explain?
USA manufactures have locking mechanisms at the meeting rails, typically only one or two. DenCo windows will be secure at all sides of the sash. They will lock in place at 7 to 15 points depending on the size of the window. Authentic European windows are the most secure window on the market.

What other security features do you offer?
DenCo windows offer all types of security above just the standard full sash locking hardware. Including but not limited to Hurricane resistant, rolling shutters, bullet proof, keyed handles, laminated glass, etc.… Contact a staff member for more details.

Why are DenCo windows more efficient than USA brands?
For many reasons. The Europeans have higher energy costs and are forced to create a higher standard than the USA. The European minimum standards are much higher that of the USA organizations such as NFRC, Energy Star, etc.… The Europeans use double, triple and quadruple gasket instead of weatherstripping. Weatherstripping is not a solid material as opposed to gasket. When a Tilt Turn window is turned in the close position, because of the hardware system on all sides, it sinches the multi-gasket snug up against the master frame. USA brand use gravity and not force. This hardware can even be adjusted for summer and winter conditions. Another reason is the thickness of glass. USA minimum standards are DS glass which is 1/8” in thickness. European standards are 4-6 MM. Simply the thicker the glass the more efficient. The minimum standard in Europe is almost 2 MM thicker than the USA standard. This also helps with sound reduction.

Do I have to pay extra for transportation from Europe?
No, the cost of transportation is included in the quote. The cost of shipping from our facility to your project will be a line item on your quote called “Shipping”. The only time you will see a Transportation and Customs charge will be for full container loads delivered direct to your site.

How many windows fit in a container?
A 40HC will fit up to 750-800 window depending on the size of the products and packing instructions.

Will DenCo private label products for resale?
Yes, please contact Lauren the General Manager or Stephen the President for more details.

Do you offer Installation? How much would they charge to install?
In Colorado we have preferred installers that we refer. Please contact us for their information. We are also partnered up with travel installers that we recommend for outside Colorado. If your order is over $50K we do provide a 1-day fly in consultation with a service tech free of charge. We do offer limited phone/facetime consultation for free as well. It is very common for our staff to speak with contractors all over North America and the Caribbean regarding installation procedures or common questions.

What colors do the windows come in?
Aluminum windows come in hundreds of colors. UPVC windows come in fifty or so different colors. Windows can be two tones as well, interior being one color an exterior being different color.

Do you offer triple pane?
Of course we offer triple pane glazing. European windows are much more advanced that USA brands. We offer double, triple and ever quadruple pane glazing with many different options. Each order is custom designed by our staff to suit the needs of the property you are building. There are many different glazing packages worldwide that can be custom tailored for your region, climate, heating system, etc.….

Can the hinge cover and hardware be a different color than the window itself?
Yes. There are a variety of different colors to accent your window package. Please speak with a DenCo representative.

Do you offer grids?
Of course. We offer all types of grids and patterns including GBG and SDL in different sizes, colors and textures.

Do your windows and doors come with nail fins?
Our windows come in block frame with installation clips. Nail fins are available at an additional cost, and only for larger orders (a full container). There are paper, digital and video instruction available.

How do you determine the handing, left or right?
Everything is from the ‘inside looking out’ and our “left vs right” refers to which side the window opens from. So, from inside the house, if you want the window to open on the left side and swing left to right – then it is a LEFT in-swing. If you want the window to open on the right side, and swing open from right to left – then it is a RIGHT in-swing.

How fast do the windows ship?
If it is a stock item, usually within a week or so. Custom orders are in 20 foot or 40 foot containers typically arrive in 8-10 weeks ($30,000 min for custom orders).

How long does a quote take?
Depending on the difficulty of the project and product anywhere for a couple hours to a few days.

What is the difference of American made Tilt and Turn windows European made ones?
Typically, American made Tilt and Turn Windows are made from a less quality profile/extrusion. The American manufactures will produce a thinner extrusion and also use a thinner steel reinforcement, if any, in order to keep costs down. These products tend to fail in much shorter amount of time than Authentic European products.

My American manufacturer says that they get their material from European suppliers, how is this different that DenCo’s products?
The UPVC profile manufacturers in Europe produce a lesser quality profile/extrusion designed specifically for the USA market because of the lower regulated standards. This is what DenCo considers “knock off’s”. If you know the history of this market you will see that these types of companies go in and out of business all the time, delete their Tilt and Turn series, or end up with class action lawsuits. This is another reason we have a 30-year warranty.

Are European windows for everybody?
Absolutely not. Our clientele is typically most interested in the highest quality building materials , construction processes, engineering, architecture, energy efficiency, or are already familiar with the high quality of European windows and doors.

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Denco European Windows & Doors has recently partnered up with Boman Kemp Eastern Division, and our egress size windows are also now available through their Eastern distributors.